Ortega y Gasset Projects

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Ortega y Gasset Projects (OyG) is an artist-run curatorial collective and exhibition space in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

We recognize that exploration is key to the sustainment of artistic vitality. Thus, we embark on an exploratory model where artists take the role of curator, critic and promoter. Working without specific intentions of commercial profit or an explicit curatorial ideology, the goal of OyG is to mount exhibitions that provoke interpretation and dialogue. In doing so, we participate within a wider forum to disseminate aesthetic experience in new ways and expand our roles, priorities and scope of influence within art culture.

Working collaboratively over geographical distances allows OyG to extend beyond local communities and forge larger networks of cultural dialogue.

OyG is:

For more information: oygprojects@gmail.com

Ortega y Gasset Projects @ The Old American Can Factory

363 3rd Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11216

Ortega y Gasset Projects